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Facing Foreclosure?

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The Catch 22:


When most Americans get financially stressed they stop dealing with anything - including past due notices, negotiation letters, and acceleration letters for your home. Don't avoid it and hope that it all goes away.  Most homeowners either list their home with a realtor hoping it sells before foreclosure, or they seek advice from a lawyer assuming they have all the answers.  The truth is, neither the realtor nor the lawyer have anything to lose - like you do.



The loss of your home and the emotional stress and embarrassment that comes from someone forcing you out of your home can be a heavy burden on a family. This can also cause you credit problems for years to come. Don't allow this to happen to you and your family. ACT NOW



The Wrong Decision:

Some homeowners act on their lawyer's advice and file bankruptcy thinking that all their problems are now solved. Bankruptcy does put a hold on everything, yes, but all it buys you is a little time. The end result is almost always the property still goes to auction and you now have a bankruptcy in addition to the foreclosure on your credit report.

In almost ALL cases, the best thing for a home owner to do when in foreclosure (assuming that the home owner's loss of income is not temporary), is to SELL THE PROPERTY!

You will have avoided having a foreclosure and possibly a bankruptcy on your credit report.
You can now get on with your life without this Major Problem!


The Bankruptcy Misnomer!


The Real Answer:

We can bring your payments current and in many cases even give you equity back out of your home. We can even help in most situations where there is no equity in the house.

I'm sure you have been contacted by other investors, especially if the foreclosure has gone public.  Unlike other investors, we will not try to take advantage of your unfortunate situation.  We simply figure out a mutually beneficial solution so you can move on with your life!



Time is your enemy! 

If your house payments are more than a month or two behind, your lender has probably already started foreclosure proceedings.  As time passes thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees can be added to the balance you owe. And every single day extra interest is added! 

The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to help you. To avoid this you must act quickly



CALL TODAY for a no obligation Home Analysis on how we can get you cash out of your house and save your credit from foreclosure before it is too late.

We Buy Houses - Sell Your House Fast

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